Lightning Pages and managed packages

Lightning Pages are a concept introduced by Salesforce to allow creating and customizing pages in Salesforce with simple drag & drop, for Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. In this post I want to explain how these pages behave in a managed package environment.

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Lightning:container to the rescue

If you have been developing Lightning Components for a while it is probable that you have come up against the feared Locker Service. If you are aware of Summer 18 Locker Service changes, you will know that, luckily, Locker Service restrictions have been relaxed. However, there are still some libraries that are considered unsafe and that cannot run within this context. For those cases, lightning:container comes to the rescue!

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Passing action handlers to child components using Aura.Action

Last week I discovered something about Lightning Components I didn’t know about: aura:action. This is an attribute type that you can use to pass actions to a child component, in addition to the other supported attribute types, and it can be specially helpful if you want to decide at component instantiation which actions should the child component perform.

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Lightning Components lifecycle

When working with Lightning Components framework it is very important to understand how the different components are rendered by the framework, which possibilities do we have to interact with the component lifecycle and how will the framework react to certain events as for example a change of an attribute. Want to know more? Continue reading!

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Creating pre-populated records with lightning:recordEditForm

A typical use case when creating records is to populate some fields in advance, and then let the user fill in the rest of required fields. Let’s say that we want to create account records, having a pre-populated description, like this:

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10 things to know about Platform Developer I and Developer II exams!

10 things to know about Platform Developer I and Developer II exams!

It has been a while I don’t write a post and this is because I was studying for Dev I and II exams. The good news is that I passed both! In this post I am going to try to give some advice about each of the certifications.

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