This week I had the honour of attending TrailheaDX conference in San Francisco. I want to summarize here the take-aways I got from it.

  • First: meeting a lot, a lot, a lot of people! Usually people that I followed by twitter, or to which blogs I am subscribed, people who I already knew but only virtually! It is really a great opportunity being able of talking to them in person and share conversations and opinions. Also it has been great to spend time with people I already knew, and who are awesome!
  • RAD women: if you still don’t know them, Radical Apex Developer women is a group of people that spend time and love coaching other women who want to learn Apex. This year I have been a RAD coach and I am very proud of it and liked very much the experience. It has been a great pleasure to share this conference with RAD women people, meeting them in person, see how amazing they are, how they enjoy coaching and learning to / from other women, and how they contribute with the community. Thanks for this!
  • Salesforce Developer Champions: it has been fun being the full event trying to complete challenges in the developer champions application, it makes the event even more fun, and it makes ir more social and collaborative. Like it! Also did some challenges related to Trailhead.
  • Talks: In general I liked the talks, some of them were amazing, and pretty technical, which it what I was looking for. I missed some other sessions to be more technical and hope next year the conference grows and more technical stuff is presented! The most interesting sessions I attended were about Lightning Locker Service, Bots and Lightning Components. The best:, most of the sessions referenced to this great demo, which in addition is open source! Totally free, for you!
  • Keynotes: the openning and closing key notes were great, Steve Wozniak talk was very inspiring and fun. Great talker!
  • Concert: I can forget to mention Lenny Kravitz’s concert! It was awesome, we dance a lot, and it made the event even more fun.

To finish, here are some of the photos I took. Hope to attend again next year!

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