Webinar Series: Visualforce to LWC

In the last weeks, I have created a webinar series to help developers move from Visualforce to LWC. Weren’t you able to join? No worries, here you have the recordings, both in English and in Spanish!

Visualforce to LWC logo

Visualforce to LWC Series I: Architecture and Coding Concepts: In this session we introduced the web standards on which LWC is based and how to configure your environment for development and debugging. We reviewed the architectural differences between Visualforce and LWC, and we took a look at some of the Visualforce coding concepts that you can extrapolate to learn LWC.

Visualforce to LWC Series II: Coding Concepts Continued: We continued reviewing coding concepts, as template directives, how to call JavaScript, component composition and the navigation service. We also took a look at the base components and how they match Visualforce standard components.

Visualforce to LWC Series III: Working with Salesforce Data: In this session we talked about the different ways to work with Salesforce data in LWC. We saw how to use the different form base components, Lightning Data Service and Apex.

Visualforce to LWC Series IV: Visualforce and LWC together: In this last session, we reviewed the different ways to use Visualforce with LWC. Either using Lightning Components for Visualforce or the Lightning Message Service. We also saw some tips to make your Visualforce pages look better in Lightning.





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