Passing action handlers to child components using Aura.Action

Last week I discovered something about Lightning Components I didn’t know about: aura:action. This is an attribute type that you can use to pass actions to a child component, in addition to the other supported attribute types, and it can be specially helpful if you want to decide at component instantiation which actions should the child component perform.

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Lightning Components Attributes

Lightning Components attributes are used to:

  • Pass information from one component to another component.
  • Pass information from an app to a component.
  • Pass information from an url query string to an app.
  • Hold information that is dynamically changed (eg: through javascript) and which is dynamically referenced within an app or component.

This is, attributes can be defined within a component or within an app. The purpose of this post is seeing examples of the types of attributes that we can define and how can we pass them from one component to another. Passing attributes from an app to a component would work exactly in the same way. For more information on dynamically setting attributes in an app through the query string, take a look at this.

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