Unit testing aura components with Lightning Testing Service and Mocha

When thinking about good quality software we must always have very present that tests automation is a must. There is a full list of tiers and tools that can be used to ensure that your software behaves as expected, bugs typically introduced by refactoring are prevented, and interconnected systems behave well together, as for example your code together with a Salesforce upgrade. In this post I want to focus on how to write unit tests for Lightning Components using Lightning Testing Service (LTS).

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Unit testing Lightning Connect Apps

This month I had the pleasure of presenting at London’s Calling event an application I have done for learning how to use Lightning Connect to retrieve data from an external datasource, which in my case is Google Places API. If you want to know more about the application, here is the video of the presentation.

In the Q&A I had a question about Unit test, that at the moment I couldn’t shown. That question encouraged me to do some unit tests! So, here we have the results.

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