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Visualforce to LWC Series: Visualforce and LWC together (19/20 August 2020): In this last session, we reviewed the different ways to use Visualforce with LWC. Either using Lightning Components for Visualforce or the Lightning Message Service. We also saw some tips to make your Visualforce pages look better in Lightning. (ENG, ESP)

Unit Tests con Jest para LWC (Bogotá Dev Group, 15 August 2020): Aprende como mejorar la calidad de tu código escribiendo unit tests para LWC! (ESP)

TrailheaDX 2020 Global Gathering (Lviv Dev Group, 13 August 2020): Global Gathering in which we reviewed the most important TDX 2020 announcements for developers. (ENG)

TrailheaDX 2020 Global Gathering (Sevilla Dev Group, 17 July 2020): Global Gathering en el que se revisaron los anuncios más importantes para desarrolladores de TrailheaDX 2020 (ESP).

Sample Gallery Summer 20′ Updates (16 July 2020): The Sample Gallery contains apps that use Salesforce’s latest technologies. We update the apps in every release, so that they are up-to-date and the newest features are highlighted. Watch this webinar to know more about Summer ’20 updates for sample apps! (ENG)

Visualforce to LWC Series: Working with Salesforce Data (8/9 July 2020): In this session we talked about the different ways to work with Salesforce data in LWC. We saw how to use the different form base components, Lightning Data Service and Apex. (ENG, ESP)

Visualforce to LWC Series: Coding Concepts Continued (29/30 June 2020): In this session we continued reviewing coding concepts, as template directives, how to call JavaScript, component composition and the navigation service. We also took a look at the base components and how they match Visualforce standard components. (ENGESP)

#CampamentoRemoto: Unit Testing para Lightning Web Components (23 June 2020): Vemos cómo crear unit tests para LWC, usando Jest. (ESP)

Visualforce to LWC Series: Architecture and Coding Concepts (27/28 May 2020): In this session we introduced the web standards on which LWC is based and how to configure your environment for development and debugging. We reviewed the architectural differences between Visualforce and LWC, and we take a look at some of the Visualforce coding concepts that you can extrapolate to learn LWC. (ENGESP)

Barcelona Developer Group: De Visualforce a Lightning en 3,2,1… (20 May 2020): ¿Sigues desarrollando con Visualforce? En esta charla, Alba Rivas comparará las dos tecnologías para que tu proceso de aprendizaje sea óptimo. Hablaremos de arquitectura, como extrapolar conceptos de programación y veremos las diferentes alternativas para trabajar con Apex. Además, como en Lightning no todo es código, veremos una demo de cómo las herramientas declarativas pueden ayudarte a migrar tus Visualforce con el mínimo esfuerzo. (ESP)

#CampamentoRemoto: Introducción a Lightning Web Components II: (14 May 2020): Continuamos hablando de cómo comunicar los componentes con el backend, para leer o modificar datos de Salesforce. Presentamos los componentes base de formularios y cómo utilizar el Lightning Data Service (LDS). (ESP)

#CampamentoRemoto: Introducción a Apex V: Unit Testing en Apex (28 April 2020): Contamos cómo crear y ejecutar unit tests en Apex. También porqué es importante crear tests automatizados y buenas prácticas sobre estos. (ESP)

Introduction to Lightning Web Components: A Practical Example (2 April 2020): In this talk, I will show how to build a page that in Lightning Web Components, step by step. You will learn some of the basics of the framework: properties, events, communication patterns, how to use the amazing @wire service and much more. To communicate the components, I will use the new Lightning Message Service (which is included as a beta feature in Spring ’20). (ENG)

Build Your First Web Component App (12 February 2020): Accompany me while I build a node.js conference management app with Lightning Web Components Open Source. I’ll build it step by step, and show you how to deploy it to Heroku. (ENG)

Building in Lightning: A Visualforce Developer’s Guide (17 January 2020): Are you an experienced Visualforce developer wanting to kick-start your Lightning development journey? We are here to help! In this session, you will learn recommended strategies for building applications with clicks and code in Lightning Experience and see a demo of the process in action. If you have a basic understanding of options to build in Lightning but are still developing with Visualforce, this is for you.

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